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The iFrame is an HTML tag which defines the inline frame. It is used for embedding an HTML document within an HTML document. In simple words, we can say that iFrame is used for displaying a web page within a web page. It is defined with <iFrame> tag. This tag is not associated with <frameset> tag and can be displayed anywhere in a document. It actually defines a rectangular region on a web page displaying a separate document including the borders and scrollbars. Using the iFrame HTML tag, yu can simply create an internal frame inside the document.

This iFrame Generator can help you easily in generating the codes. You just have to mention all the requirements in the specific fields and click on Generate. If you want to Preview it, then the option is available as well. This tool is available for free along with live iFrame Preview option for the web designers and masters. So, if you want to embed a document within a document or web page within a web page, use the iFrame Generator and get the code in just a few simple clicks.